Top 5 fun new things about the 2011 summer concerts! – NUMBER 3

We’re counting down on Twitter (@brewsterprod) the top 5 cool new things we’re unveiling this summer at our concert series and music festival. Here’s #3!

3. New schedule! This year we’re running from July-September, which will give us less rain (knock on wood) and a tighter schedule. In our past 3 years at the Hedge House, we started on Memorial Day weekend – the awesome part was we had a crazily long summer of shows. The bad part was that ’round these parts it tends to rain in June – or at least the weather tends to be completely unpredictable (yeah, even more than usual, believe it or not). For example, our 2nd year, we had the first 4 shows rained out. Yikes!

We started late this summer because Scott (3rd from right) got married. We're probably gonna stick with this schedule.

So we get to this year, and Scott (co-owner of Brewster, concert series organizer and sound engineer) was getting married June 23rd, and going on his honeymoon until the first week in July. So to relieve Scott and his now-wife Erin of any additional stress, we put off the concerts til July 15th. But, as we tend to do, we got antsy and threw in a show June 4th – but it was freezing cold, bolstering the weather theory.

Lo and behold, the concert series runs from July – September, and we’re most likely going to keep it that way. After all, that’s when the real summery stuff happens, and we’ll have more time in May and June to prepare for the shows and, who knows, go on vacation (what’s that?).

Stay tuned for the top 2…


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