Top 5 fun new things about the 2011 summer concerts! – NUMBER 2

We’re counting down on Twitter (@brewsterprod) the top 5 cool new things we’re unveiling this summer at our concert series and music festival. Here’s #2!

2. New artists!! This is a big one (hint: #1 is along similar lines) – we’ve always sought to feature new artists each year, though we’ve always got room for the musical friends we’ve made along the way to play again, but this year we’re taking it a step further. For the 2011 concert series, we’ve made a point of pulling in as many artists as we can who have never played at the series before – and boy is it fun. One of the most rewarding parts of putting on the concerts is getting to meet new musicians, give them a show, and help introduce them to a new audience (or if not a new audience, then a new venue – and all modesty aside, the Hedge House Lawn is pretty damn cool).

Nationally-touring Cambridge singer-songwriter Sarah Blacker performs August 12th w/ Jake Hill.

Check out the new guys and gals who will be playin’ on the grass this summer: Sarah Blacker, Lucas Carpenter, Jared Salvatore, Carly Tefft, Anika Scribbling, Steve Capachione, Large, The Okay Win, Nanci Hobson, Westerly Whales, Lonesome Jukebox, Brian Sances, The Lindsays, Closer Than We Appear, Reverend Bastien……and surely the list will grow as we toss additional awesome performers into the mix over the course of the summer.

Stay tuned for the #1 cool new thing at the 2011 Acoustic Nights Free Concert Series…


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