Top 5 cool new things for 2011 – NUMBER 1

We’re counting down on Twitter (@brewsterprod) the top 5 cool new things we’re unveiling this summer at our concert series and music festival. Here’s #1!!

The Eagle Hill Band jams out at our June 4th show this year, with guests Ben Carter, Doug Logan, and Nate Cristofori.

1. FULL BANDS! Yep, that’s right, you just might see a drum kit or two on the Hedge House Lawn this summer. This year we’re stepping up to full-band status – yes, the shows are still acoustic in nature (we’re keeping the drum kits small – like a stripped-down “Unplugged” sort of thing), but this new addition is going to be really cool. We’ve got acoustic bands like Anika Scribbling, Westerly Whales, Jake Hill & Deep Creek, and Ben Carter which will be thoroughly awesome, and we’re also super excited about is this: We’ve got some bands playing extra-special acoustic shows just for the Acoustic Nights series! Bands like The Okay Win and Large are putting together one-time-only unplugged sets for their shows at the Hedge House, and it’ll be really cool to hear their music in a different context.

In the summers to come, we’re planning to expand on this and get even more up-and-coming bands like The Okay Win to do a stripped-down set for us. This summer’s going to be an exciting one – we can’t wait to see you at the shows!

FIRST SHOW: Anika Scribbling w/ Steve Capachione and Large, July 15th


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