July 7: The Meadows Brothers, Hayley Sabella, Grace O’Shea

JULY 7, 2018 at the Hedge House Lawn | 6-8:30pm | FREE | All ages, families welcome

The Meadows Brothers’ distinct brand of roots music combines folk, blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll into what the Boston Globe calls  “An engagingly twangy sibling sound all their own.” Ian and Dustin Meadows are the Meadows Brothers. They share that essential brother-band DNA: a telepathic tightness, the ability to stop and start vocal phrases in lockstep, to fall effortlessly into close harmonies, trade off phrases and navigate together the fresh expression of American roots music they create. Their 2017 release, “TRUTH”, demonstrates the brothers’ keen ability to get to the heart of the matter with simple melodies, blood harmonies, unsweetened songwriting, expressive guitars and blues tinged harp.

“Blending folk and country with a blues edge, the brothers Meadows pack a powerful punch for being just two dudes armed with only a couple acoustic guitars and a harmonica. But their harmonies are the type of stuff only siblings can usually muster and their songs smack of souls much older than their earthly years would let on” – Chip McCabe, LONESOME NOISE

Hayley Sabella hails mostly from the New England coast. Inspired by the dramatic landscape and vast seasonal changes that range as much in temperature as they do in color, she reaches for the earth itself in its various forms to give her a sense of belonging. As the daughter of musicians and missionaries, this brought her to experience pivotal years of her childhood in Central America. Naturally, music became a tool through which she could make sense of the world and put down roots, despite a lingering feeling of displacement.

After experimenting with fresh palets and uncharted terrain, Sabella has established a sound she’s been ever yearning for with Forgive the Birds, the second full-length studio album, to be released this April.


Grace O’Shea is an acoustic singer-songwriter originally from Milton, MA. She plays guitar, sings, and writes her own songs, which consist of a blend of Americana, Country, & Folk music. She cites artists including Kacey Musgraves and Dolly Parton as her influences. She has played at several community events, cafes, and restaurants in the Greater Boston Area, as well as venues in Nashville, TN.


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