Winter Madness – 2015 Summer Teaser Videos

Our cabin fever got the best of us this blizzard-filled season, and we decided to go all-in on the video making front. In collaboration with our sister company Four String Films, we started off March with two winter-themed summer concert teasers: “Cabin Fever” and “Buried In Snow”. We’ve already shot a number of other videos, and there are even more scratched into various sheets of notebook paper waiting to be filmed.

“Cabin Fever”: We filmed this about 5 days after the third blizzard of that miserable four weeks we called February, so it was more than just camera tricks making Scott and Andrew look as though they’d gone mad. We all went a little mad this winter, and that’s why we gave a guitar to a puppet and stared at it for a while in front of puzzled onlookers at Mamma Mia’s. We left the Hedge House that afternoon, numb from head to toe, and asked local artist Eva Walsh to record us some mournful & spooky violin for the video. Needless to say, she did a great job.

“Buried In Snow”: Shot the same day as “Cabin Fever”, one wouldn’t call this a glowing endorsement of Behringer mixers – but just to clarify, that mixer was indeed broken beyond repair long before burying it in a snowbank. More videos to come! Check out a few behind-the-scenes photos below.  

IMG_4324_WEB IMG_4362_WEB IMG_4329032715EDIT_WEB

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